BMW Lines & Equipment for the BMW 5 Series Touring.

MUCH LEEWAY FOR INDIVIDUALITY.BMW Lines & Equipment for the BMW 5 Series Touring.


Uniqueness of character is revealed in every detail – the essence of true exclusivity. Give full expression to your pursuit of perfection.

  • BMW Individual paintwork

    True exclusivity is a privilege. A privilege that enters new sensory realms with the BMW Individual offer for the new BMW 5 Series Touring. And it can be experienced from the very first moment. Inspired by the pristine elegance of pyrite gemstones, the BMW Individual paint finish in Pyrite Brown metallic underscores the striking bodywork. This is a colour with timeless elegance, yet it is also ahead of its time. Beneath the paint’s surface, the pigments shimmer in golden-silver while every movement reveals a fascinating interplay of light and shadow. The optical impression of depth, meanwhile, mirrors the brilliant, crystalline structure of pyrite.

  • BMW Individual Merino leather

    Inside the new BMW Individual 5 Series Touring, carefully selected materials combine to create a contrasting yet harmonious picture. The BMW Individual fine-grain Merino leather in the colour Platinum lends expressive depth but it is not just about the visual impression. With its velvet-soft surface, this is quality that can truly be felt. It is due to the leather’s exceptional origins. The inimitable suppleness is the result of meticulous selection processes and particularly gentle tanning. This is luxury in its most natural state and there is a fascinating spectrum of colours at your disposal, from Silk Grey to Nutmeg.

  • BMW Individual interior trim

    The BMW Individual fine-wood interior trim in Sen Light Brown rounds off the equipment in a compelling fashion. Its characteristic grain gives the interior a natural elegance and was formed throughout the long history of the wood. It takes one hundred years to grow. But only a second to convince. It’s a fine detail that defines the BMW Individual 5 Series Touring as the highest form of perfection.


BMW equipment packages are the first choice where special accessories for your BMW 5 Series Touring are concerned. Ask your BMW dealer which packages are available in your country or find out in the vehicle configurator on the national BMW website.


Highlight the sportiness and elegance of your BMW 5 Series Touring with Original BMW Accessories. You’ll find a selection of practical and high-quality products here.

  • Travel & Comfort system, coat hanger

    The coat hanger allows clothes to be transported without creasing. It can also be detached from the mounting and used to carry clothes outside the vehicle.

  • Travel & Comfort system, holder for Apple iPad

    The BMW holder for Apple iPad is suitable for all iPad models. Using the holder, the iPad can be securely mounted on the base attachment of the Travel & Comfort system and released again at the push of a button. Angle and height can be adjusted as needed and the integrated support on the back allows the holder to also be set up outside the vehicle.

  • Snap-In adapter

    The snap-in adapter is a safe and robust docking system with built-in rapid charging function suitable for Apple, Nokia, Motorola, Samsung, Sony and RIM/BlackBerry mobile phones. An external aerial ensures the best possible reception at all times, while reducing the amount of radiation in the vehicle interior. Depending on the vehicle equipment, the mobile in question and the snap-in adapter smartphone application, the driver can integrate smartphone applications via BMW.

  • Child restraint system with ISOFIX – BMW junior seat group 1 (with ISOFIX base)

    The BMW junior seat group 1 is suitable for children from about 10 months to 3.5 years (approx. 9 to 18 kg). The child seat consists of a seat shell with its own five-point belt system and the ISOFIX base. The seat can easily be adjusted forwards and backwards on the ISOFIX base, if this is available. The patented built-in air pads guarantee high safety in side collisions and are also comfortably soft in daily use.

  • Travel & Comfort system, folding table

    The Travel & Comfort system contains a folding table offering rear passengers a practical surface with height and angle adjustment. It also has a fold-out drinks holder with an elegant chrome ring.

  • Wireless stereo headphones

    Specially designed for use with the optional BMW DVD system in the rear of the vehicle. With adjustable listening volume, outstanding sound quality and exceptional comfort.