The expression of personality.

A Picasso original, the first Apple computer, a hand-crafted Riva Aquarama – it is their uniqueness which turns objects into events. The BMW Individual Collection and BMW Individual Manufaktur enable you to design your very own and unique BMW. Like almost no other object, your vehicle will become an expression of your individual character.

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BMW INDIVIDUAL.The expression of personality.


What makes a person unique? It is their character, their unmistakeable looks. Just like a BMW. This is why the BMW Individual Collection offers a wide range of equipment options for discerning customers: Fine wood trims with perfect grain, selected from all over the world. Immaculate and enticingly soft leather from the world’s best tanneries. Paint finishes which fascinate in terms of brilliance, luminosity and effect. Offered in a range of hues which define the spirit of time rather than following it. Complemented by special equipment options adding the finishing touches – all these elements combine to make your BMW become part of your personality.


What motivates our craving for everything that is special? Our individual dreams and aspirations, of course. A desire to create an ideal environment that reflects our wishes. This is why we established BMW Individual Manufaktur. Whether you prefer a unique colour scheme, exclusive materials or bespoke equipment – BMW Individual Manufaktur is all about employing peerless craftsmanship to help our customers turn even the most extravagant wishes into reality, thus creating a BMW that reflects your own individual personality.


How do you experience something that does not yet exist? This was the challenge for those wishing to own a BMW that conformed to their own personal preferences rather than the standard equipment. The BMW Individual response was to develop a very special iPad app which enables customers to experience all the customisation options available as part of the BMW Individual Collection from the comfort of their own living room. A realistic interactive display shows the vast range of possible combinations customers can select. In addition, this app provides users with a playful introduction to the possibilities provided by BMW Individual Manufaktur. Thus, you can use your iPad to visualise what previously only existed inside your mind.


Why isn’t there just one BMW to suit everybody? Because our expectations of what makes a great vehicle are as different as our individual circumstances. And with a multitude of model series, the BMW Individual Collection and Manufaktur is able to offer the exact right vehicle to any type of person. It also provides a perfect basis for further individualisation. Starting with the BMW 3 Series Sedan all the way to the BMW M6 Gran Coupé.