Found out how to get to your new BMW in 5 easy steps.

BMW Financial Services can help make your dream of a new BMW come true, quickly and easily. Just five small steps and you are where you want to be – setting off for the first time in your new BMW.

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  • Get in touch with your BMW dealership.

    Once you have decided on a BMW, simply talk to a BMW sales consultant at your BMW dealerships. As an expert and consultant in finance and leasing, he or she will gladly explain the different finance options which may be of interest to you, help you reach your decision, and provide you with all of the relevant information.

  • Choose your financing method.

    Now that you know how you want to finance or lease your BMW, your BMW sales consultant will make you and individual offer tailored carefully to your wishes and requirements. If this offer is agreeable, simply let your consultant know and you can go straight on to step 3: applying for a lease or loan.

  • Submit your documents.

    For your application to be processed immediately, all you will need are the following documents:

    Passport, identity card or driving licence
    Wage or salary slip (for private customers)

    You will of course retain the original documents; your consultant will make copies for the application.
    Would you like to give in your current vehicle in part payment ? Then please bring your vehicle documents with you. As soon as all the necessary documents are there, your credit rating will be checked. Your application will usually have been processed in between two and four hours (for private customers).

  • Checking and signing your agreement.

    Once BMW Financial Services has approved your lease or loan agreement, your consultant will give you a print-out of the most important components. Please check the following details:

    Are your personal and financial details documented exactly and correctly?
    Are the terms and conditions clear to you? These are binding, and they form the basis of the contract which will exist between you and BMW Financial Services . Your consultant will gladly answer any questions you have.
    Is your direct debit authorisation complete and correctly filled in?

    If the answer to all these is yes, then sign the agreement to confirm it. That is the end of the formalities. The big moment has now arrived: step five.

  • Start your new BMW.


    The time has come: your new BMW is ready for you and all you have to do is receive it. Sit behind the wheel, enjoy this special moment, and take your first drive in your new BMW. The original of your agreement confirmation will be sent to you by post. Should you have any other questions or requirements regarding finance, please contact your BMW dealership.